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These Pupdate pages are for you to fill out as you choose. With fillable dates on each, you can begin completing them at whatever age you receive your pup (or decide to start journaling).

Each Pupdate has space for:

✅ Growth tracking (age/weight)

✅ Commands you and your pup know

✅ What you two are excelling at/still working on/struggling with

✅ Health/medical notes

✅ Toy/treat your pup is loving

✅ Injuries incurred this week

✅ Pup's energy level

✅ Pawrental check-in

✅ Notes

✅ Space for a 3x5 in. photo of your pup from this week


There are 10 training goal page spreads to help you clearly define the goals and expectations you have for your puppy.

You have:

👉 a "Major" training goal page

👉 a "Minor" training goal page

👉 and 8 "Sub Goal" pages

The sub-sections and questions are meant to closely follow SMART goal-setting criteria. Complete each section and your goals will be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.💪


This is the place for you to document those little, seemingly insignificant moments and everyday happenings that will mean everything to you in the future.

The moments that end up being the most meaningful are seldom the ones we expect.

Main categories of prompts:

👉 How we met (write that love story down!)

👉 Bad dog! (let's be real: puppies can be a pain in the butt. Go ahead - tattle on yours here.)

👉 Travel (what adventures have you had with your pup?)

👉 Day by day (all those little things and everyday moments that make up your pup's life story.)


Imprint your pup's paws directly into your My Puppy journal!

Unlike other stamp pads, this clean touch ink pad takes your puppy's paw imprint without the ink touching your pup's pads! 🙌 It's completely non-toxic and even safe for babies so you can focus on capturing moments you'll treasure forever.

Simply place the stamp pad ink-side down on any paper, or directly onto your My Puppy journal page, press your pup's paw firmly on top of the ink-free side for a few seconds, then remove pup's paw and lift the ink pad to reveal your puppy's paw imprint on the page.

👉 3.75" x 2.25"

👉 Non-toxic

👉 Fast-drying, high-detail stamp without the mess

👉 Stamp pawprints onto the designated pages in the My Puppy journal for a keepsake that will last a lifetime!

🚨 FREE (Regularly $8.50) with your pre-order of My Puppy

Create your time capsule of the fleeting first year with your puppy

Why journaling is important (in general)

👉 Memory-booster. By writing things down in a journal, your mind is given time to process things. This can improve your memory capacity as well as your cognitive abilities.

👉 Stress-reliever. Journaling can help you organize your thoughts and get a "satellite view" of any problems you encounter. Writing about the details of stresses and challenges in your life effectively shrinks the problem as your perspective expands.

👉 Encourages mindfulness. You will have better focus on the present moment while letting go of past worries and thoughts of future problems. Mindfulness has been described as one of the key interventions for achieving happiness and long-lasting psychological well-being.

👉 Helps achieve goals. When you write your goals down and track your progress toward your desired outcome, you're more likely to achieve them. The more detailed your written goals, the more seriously your brain takes them.

Why journaling about your puppy is especially important

✨ Memorialize him/her in writing. The worst part about having a dog is having to say goodbye. It helps so much to be able to remember all the aspects of his/her life with you, and how much you loved each other.

✨ Get your recollections down on paper while the memories are still fresh. This will allow you to remember all the great times you had throughout your dog's life. This is a priceless thing to have.

✨ Never worry you'll forget your pup without him/her being around. The little things you remember about your furbaby will fade over time. The My Puppy journal gives you an avenue to record details about his/her life to help keep them alive in your heart forever.

✨ Have a safe place to store your most treasured memories. Once completed, your My Puppy journal will be a beautiful remembrance of that whirlwind first year with your pup.

Taking pictures isn't enough

If you're like most puppy owners, taking pictures and recalling the big milestones is the easy part.

It's remembering those snapshot impressions, the tiny progressions, and everyday experiences that will mean everything to you in the future, that seem like the hard part.

But it doesn't have to be. 🙌


Pawprint Pages

Self-Improvement Page

Photo Spreads

Transformation Pictures

Notes Pages

View These Sample Pages!


Why we created 'My Puppy'

We’ve created the My Puppy journal to help new puppy owners easily record fifty-two weeks of life with their new best friend. Raising a puppy is an intense undertaking, and while you may currently feel like you’ll never forget the early days, it can be surprising how quickly those valuable moments can become a distant memory. This journal provides you the opportunity to document your experiences in the present—giving you a precious keepsake you will cherish deeply for many years to come.

This Journal may not be for you if:

  • You're looking to store items or documents such as dog tags, baby teeth 🤷, adoption papers, medical records, etc. inside the journal itself. (The My Puppy journal does not include pockets.)
  • You want more of a "cutesy" or "cartooney" puppy keepsake than a helpful and useful guided journal.
  • You're looking for a scrapbooking/picture-heavy type journal. (My Puppy includes plenty of spaces for photos - one on each Pupdate page in addition to the Photo Spreads and Transformation Pictures sections - but this is not a photo album.)

This journal is for you if:

  • You feel like your puppy’s changing right before your very eyes (they are😭) and all your pictures and videos aren’t fully capturing all the little details of this crazy adventure.
  • You need a journal that's both structured and flexible in format. (My Puppy's weekly Pupdate pages and prompts feature fillable dates so you can complete them on your own timeline as you and your pup progress.)
  • You identify as an "anti-journaler". (With templated Pupdate pages, guided goal-setting spreads and an entire section filled with prompts, My Puppy is the perfect journal for those who can't easily tap into their creative side or are intimidated by blank pages.)
  • You struggle to find time, energy, and focus. (That's why we've included hundreds of prompts that enable you to record snapshot impressions in mere moments! Capture these impressions a handful at a time, or one every few weeks; you set the pace.)
  • You feel like you need to vent and get some mental and emotional clarity back into your life, but are unsure how to achieve that currently with the disruption your new addition has brought to your world.
  • You're looking to have a time capsule of all the moments - big and small, good and bad - of that fleeting first year. (It's difficult to grasp what a moment means in the greater context of life while we're in the midst of it. Capturing the journey of your new relationship as it unfolds will preserve this precious phase forever.)

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