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Three Main Sections of the Journal

1.  52 Weekly (a full year's worth of) Puppy Growth and Development Update Pages or "Pupdates"

These Pupdate page spreads are for you to fill out as you choose. With fillable dates on each, you can begin completing them at whatever age you receive your pup (or decide to start journaling).

Complete a spread each week to track the rapid development your puppy is undergoing, or fill a spread twice a month, it’s completely up to you!

Each Pupdate has space for:

✅ Growth tracking (age/weight)

✅ Commands we know

✅ What we’re excelling at/still working on/struggling with

✅ Health/medical notes

✅ Toy/treat we’re loving

✅ Injuries incurred this week

✅ Pup’s energy level

✅ Pawrental Check-in

✅ Notes

 Space for a 3x5 in. photo of your pup from this week


2.  Training Goal Spreads

There are 10 training goal page spreads to help you clearly define the goals and expectations you have for your puppy. 

You have:

👉 a “Major” training goal page

👉 a “Minor” training goal page

👉 and 8 “Sub Goal” pages

The sub-sections and questions are meant to closely follow SMART goal-setting criteria. Complete each section and your goals will be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. 💪

3.  Hundreds of Puppy Prompts

Time is elusive. ⏳

These prompts are meant to help you capture snapshot memories and impressions rather than trying to find the time to write a lengthy recollection.

This is the place for you to document those little, seemingly insignificant moments and everyday happenings that will mean everything to you in the future

The moments that end up being the most meaningful are seldom the ones we expect

Main categories of prompts:

📌 How we met (write that love story down!)

📌 Bad dog! (let’s be real: puppies can be a pain in the butt. Go ahead - tattle on yours here.)

📌 Travel (what adventures have you had with your pup?)

📌 Day by day (all those little things and everyday moments that make up your pup’s life story.)