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Why Journaling About Your Puppy is Important

Memorialize him/her in writing

The worst part about having a dog is having to say goodbye. It helps so much to be able to remember all the aspects of his/her life with you, and how much you loved each other.

Get recollections down on paper while the memories are still fresh

This will allow you to remember all the great times you had throughout your dog's life, instead of just focusing on the end. This is a priceless thing to have.

Never worry you'll forget your pup without him/her being around 

The little things you remember about your furbaby will fade over time. The My Puppy journal gives you an avenue to record details about his/her life to help keep them alive in your heart forever.

Have a safe place to store your most treasured memories 

Once completed, your My Puppy journal will be a beautiful remembrance of that whirlwind first year with your pup.