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Pictures aren't enough.

If you’re like most puppy owners, taking pictures and recalling the big milestones and moments aren't the problem. 

It’s those snapshot impressions, the seemingly mundane, everyday experiences that will mean everything to you in the future, that are harder to capture.

But they don't have to be. 🙌

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I had been looking for a journal like this for a bit, finally found this one, exactly what I was looking for, a diary/journal to document progress, thoughts, challenges and I can add photos!! I love the daily page updates, the info provided, the training section, and the free pages. Can't wait to fill it up and then look back on it!

This journal is beautiful! The information is well thought out, comprehensive, and fun to fill out about your new pup. There's room for paw prints and pictures! The pages and the book are perfectly bound with a page marker and the font choice is modern and brilliant. The PERFECT gift for a new puppy owner! Don't hesitate to get this My Puppy journal.

Our Story

This is the dog that made us a family.

And there are a lot of memories of the early days with her that have now become hazy. We have pictures and videos, but without a written record of just what it was like to be "us + her" back then, many details and stories are gone. 

We created this journal so you can capture your everyday moments, stories, and adventures with your pupper now - from the very beginning! 

Write what should not be forgotten - you will never regret it. ❤️